Promoting your Blog via Forums

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Jan 1st, 2009 Promotion Techniques 0 Comment

Stumble Promoting your Blog via Forums

Promoting your blog or website on the web isn’t new, nor is promoting your site on forums. Most forums allow you to sign up, make a post and the hope that traffic is driven towards your site.

Developing the Promotion Technique

promote blogging

Firstly when registering, make sure you use your site specific keyword as the username. This helps when users are searching for keywords and can then come across your profile page.

Make sure the User CP or Profile Page is filled out. Most forums offer you the chance to enter your website URL as well as filling out your signature.

Most of the time, you cannot enter HTML text to add a link to your site but will BBCode work, for example:

[url=]Best Blogs Asia[/url]

Also notice how I “deep linked” within the site to improve spidering, particularly to the Sitemap which indexes all the pages on the site.

Finally, if making a post and would like to include your link – make sure it’s on topic. Preferably start with an on-topic forum, then an on-topic post to include your site link. Try to make the post genuine, at least a paragraph and succinct.

Best Blog Asia Experiences

A fellow blogger actually submitted my site to 5000+ forums, but am waiting to see the final results. However, the sites he submitted can be downloaded in the text file below:

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